Men’s Vision Quest 2015: Rooting Down, Waking Up, Stepping Forth

What in you has been waiting to be seen and come forth/ what no longer serves you and wants to fall away? You are invited to embark on a quest that will put you in touch with the clarity and knowing within. It is time to step forward onto the path of the Awakened Warrior, allowing your truth to be lived. Whether you are questioning, doubting, stuck or unfulfilled, these 10 days promise a deepening into your Self, an emergence of clarity and empowerment to express that which wants to be free. You will spend time among a community of men supporting each other as well as going out on a 4 day solo vision fast.

Details: 2 days of preparation, inner work and ritual; 4 day/night solo with only water; 2 days of integration

Dates: October 8-16, 2015

Price: $1350 (Meals are included; scholarships are available.)

Location: Inyo National Forest

Contact:; 207-317-6185 or 415-689-5816

Click here to read an article, inspired by the recent quest, published on “The Good Men Project”.

For thousands of years, people have sought refuge, healing and insight by going out into the wilderness. It is a place to cleanse and clarify, be restored and reminded of what is true. This ten-day Vision Quest and retreat offers the same opportunities. It is the chance to stop the routines of our lives and unplug from our usual wiring; in our wireless world, unplugging has never been more challenging or necessary. Spending an extended time in nature – both alone and in community with a group of conscious men – you have the chance to tap into something much deeper and more meaningful than iphones or the icloud. Instead, you tap into a timeless and unconditional life force and wisdom that can accompany you throughout your life (and doesn’t depend on 4G coverage!). Being in nature offers a profound way to disconnect from our distractions, while providing the guidance we all seek, whether it’s on the paths of healing, purpose or awakening.

This Vision Quest is unique in that it is with only men. It is a call to men who want to step forth into sacred warriorship. You will have the opportunity to fully embody and explore what it means to be a man while in community with others wanting to do the same. Can you allow yourself to be supported, held accountable, to break open and let go amongst other men? Likely there will be challenges you will face and grow from as you look into your conditioning as a modern man. This quest gives you the chance to find freedom from the binds of life; it asks you to step into the wilderness, into the wild man, that calls to you from your dreams, or from a deeper knowing inside of you.

When we push our edges of comfort and familiarity, and when we step into the unknown, we learn things about ourselves. With reflection and insight from experience and a supportive community, we find strengths, power and clarity we never knew we had. We also discover wounding’s, defenses and patterns that no longer serve us. Your facilitators will guide you through three days of preparation and tilling the soil of your psyche and soul, before going out on a three-day/four-night vision quest with just water. What you will discover nobody knows, but you will come back changed and transformed. The time away from distractions will reveal much; it will reveal the beliefs and conditioning you carry, as well as a wakeful Spirit that is always with you. By going past your edges and familiarity, you will find a courage, clarity, and capacity you haven’t experienced before. It is a well that springs eternal that you will always be able to draw on.

After your Vision Quest, we will spend several days integrating and processing your experience. You will do this with the other men of the group, sharing and connecting in a sacred way. This is done to ensure you feel prepared to incorporate your new Self and vision when you return to your lives. Though this Vision Quest is a solitary journey, it’s designed to empower you in your relationships: with yourself, others and world you’re a part of. Take the leap.

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