Rob Schene, MFT, CGPDSC_0215

Rob is a certified group therapist with years of experience facilitating men’s groups and men’s work. He has cofacilitated vision quests with Anciet Path Vision Quests, and has experience as a wilderness field guide in the mountains of Utah. His wisdom comes from seeing deep meaning through metaphor, mindfulness, and physical expression. He is passionate about exploring what it means to be an awake and alive man, and finds his aliveness journeying in relationships and in nature. He is a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in San Francisco (MFC 52765). For more info, go to robschene.com

Dennis Kiley, MCP, RYTLucy276-2

Dennis is continually inspired by his commitment to be awake in the world. His home is Mount Desert Island, Maine, where he lives with his wife and dog surrounded by the waters, forests and mountains of Acadia National Park. In addition to being a counselor, group facilitator and Men’s Group leader, he is also a yoga and meditation teacher. Dennis has lead numerous workshops and retreats, including a Vision Quest with Rob and Mike last year. He is particularly interested in Ecopsychology; he has an Executive Leadership certificate in the field, and has lectured and facilitated groups on the subject.   Additionally, Dennis has experience as a wilderness therapist and educator; his hobby is growing plants including orchids, fruit trees and a small scale organic garlic operation. For more information, his website is denniskiley.com

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